Besides protecting from the sun ray or covering your messy hair, the hat can also make your face look more beautiful. So let’s find out hot to find the best Cactus hat for your face!

If you go to a fashion shop to look for a new Cactus hat, make sure that the hat’s color fits your skin in the mirror. For example, if you have tan skin, you can choose the hat whose color is warm such as pink. Or if your skin is dark, a black Cactus hat would be a bad idea. And if your skin is bright or white, all colors can highlight your skin.

When trying the hat, make sure that your hat completely fits your head, so that you do not have to worry later on when mixing with other accessories.

Second, it is essential for you to choose a hat that fits your face’s shape. If you have a small face, it is a good idea to avoid hat with huge rim and top. Or if your face is wide, you should not choose a Cactus hat that holds your head to tight, besides, use your hair to cover the forehead in order to make your face smaller. A hat with a sharp top can fit really well if your face is long, not only that, a sporty cap is also a good option. An oval face can match any type of hat, which is great.

After choosing a hat, it is also necessary to have some accessories. For example, you can wear a sunglasses to cover your big nose. Another rule of wearing your Cactus hat is that the rim should not cover your whole cheek unless you are going fishing. But ultimately, you do not necessarily follow the rule all the time, just wear the hat in a way that makes you feel comfortable the most.