How to get this very hot hat with a most harmonious and feminine style

As a very popular trend in the 80-90, recently, Petty baseball hats have come back again as an accessory phenomenon among the youth. Much like the style baseball caps but isolated by its characteristics as the top which is angular and non-circular, slightly square brim and not curved like a cap, it can be twisted up.

Rooted from the sports style, the Petty baseball cap is loved widely by athletes, rappers, or dancer. With many color variations, let me help you figure out how to wear this Petty hat with a most trendy and graceful style.

The baseball cap with the basic colors like black, white, brown, gray is easy to integrate with any set of items without fear of being touched, the phase difference of the color. Samples of baseball cap have a lot of style of logo or different messages in English for you to choose according to your personality, besides, you can also create your slogan.


Black – white on the hat makes it easy to coordinate with all the colorful costumes.

Petty Baseball Cap

Petty Baseball Cap is very fashionable for teengirls. (Source: Internet)

Be more cautious with logo or slogan on the cap if you do not want to mislead others or look unfriendly.

With sporty detailed costumes

If you wear a Petty baseball cap with skirts, just choose simple or sporty styles. If you combine it with a T-hugging dress, sawn, then a gentle sports shoes will help you create balance. These energetic fabrics like denim, khaki, elastic fabric, the raw fabric is also very suitable when coming with this hard hat.

Charming deviation hair

The asymmetry in the hairstyle is the secret to your looks somewhat less angular, square of a baseball cap. This hairstyle will make you look much more graceful, which is a very appropriate choice for the hot day.

Showing cool message

This is one of the advantages of a baseball cap that other normal hats do not have. When you do not need to avoid the sun ray, you can turn the brim of the hat upward to create a new type which is more sporty. A lot of decorative baseball caps have a message below the brim, so when turning up, a very cool message appears!

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