The Papi hat is a great property to improve your fashion style. However, have you known all the style that you can use to look more beautiful? Let’s take a look at how to be more fashionable with the Papi hat!

  1. Ton sur ton

If you want to mix a hat with your current outfit, you can try ton sur ton rule. First, you need to choose the hat that matches at least one of the properties you are wearing. You can choose the hat that matches your shoes, which makes your style look more synchronous. This rule helps prevent your fashion style from being sporadic by matching the color of the top and bottom of your body. Another way you can try is to choose a dark-color hat, which is very easy to mix with other fashion properties.

  1. Express the pattern

In other to ensure that your style is good, make sure that you can create porportional block of patterns on your style. For example, you can apple the contrast rule, which means the pattern of your properties can opposite to each other. For example, if you are wearing a shirt with too many details, a simple hat would be great in this case. In the other hand, you can wear a colorful hat with a black or white jacket.

  1. Mix your hair
be more fashionable with the Papi hat

You can be more fashionable with the Papi hat!

Nothing helps highlight your style better than beautiful hair. Obviously, you don’t need to make complicated style for your hair. Just make it simple but fit your hat the most. For instance, if you are following sporty style, you can tight your hair up, or for girly style, just leave your hair to untie and mix with a colorful hat.

  1. Don’t put too many accessories

If you decide to mix the hat with your style, then don’t try to wear too many other items, which unhighlights your hat and makes you look abundant. The best way is to use wear a bag or belt that fits your hat. Also, do not forget the ton sur ton rule!

  1. Change your hat regularly

You can change your hat once a while to make your style more colorful and diverse. However, it is important to remember that all of your hats have to be synchronous to each other and your main fashion style as well. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to be more fashionable with the Papi hat!