What to do with your Petty hat when it begins to smell and be dirty? Let’s find out!

What you need to prepare:




-Cotton towels

-Clean water

-An Iron

  1. Mix the detergent and water in a small pot.
  1. Clean your Petty hat with warm water, or you can pour warm water in a spray bottle and spray water to make your baseball cap moisture enough.
  1. Dip a toothbrush in detergent and begin to rub the surface snapback lightly. Do like that until specks of debris fly away.
  1. Rinse the petty cap with clean water in a vaporizer, and continue to scrub the stain until you are satisfied.

    5. When the baseball Petty hat is clean, use warm water in a sprayer to ensure that the detergent is removed from your hat.

  1. You get a towel, roll it like a sausage and put it inside the hat so that fit the form.
  1. Now you put your hat in a dry place and still keep the towel inside to hold the form of the hat.
  1. Open the iron clip and start to dry your Petty hat, we are almost done.

TADAAAAA! Now your petty baseball cap is clean and good to wear.