Baseball caps appeared in public for the first time in 1900. Subsequently, the modern baseball caps became popular in the 1940s, while the trucker hat – the two-color hats with characterized white spaces started to appear in the 2000s. However, let’s take a look at one of the most favorite hats all time: Petty cap.

Starting to be popular from the 90’s and coming back to the unique position in 2010, Petty caps are still popular everywhere. Surpassing its predecessor, baseball caps, when it does not bring the logo of the team or sports brands, Petty cap today has become a vast inspiration for stylists and become one of the irreplaceable accessories in anyone’s closet.

So, how to “wear” this ‘cool’ item properly?

1. Direction

Do not let it skew to one side: wearing in this way makes you look like a gangster, which you don’t really want.

Wear it backward: One of the cool ways you can try is to wear the Petty cap backward. Besides, you can wear sporty clothes to look more active.

Justin Livingston – editor of Scout Sixteen said that a black Petty cap was the accessory that all the boys should have in their closet with the ability to coordinate with all kind of the other usual outfit. “

2. Color

Do not abuse “tone sur tone”: wearing a blue shirt, blue jeans, blue shoes, blue jacket and blue Petty cap together may make you look “weird”. Do not let yourself be submerged in a particular range of colors.

Let’s mix clothes intelligently: Petty cap with bright colors will make the person wearing it become more eye-catching and cooler while dark colors will make your outfit more consistent.

Anthony Urbano, the writer specializing in men’s fashion Closet Freaks shared: “As you can see, with this costume, I have chosen for myself a Petty cap made from jersey – a sports material bringing to the person wearing it a sense of well-being. I’ve combined it with a coat and basketball shorts to create the dynamic and simple outfit for you when walking around. You need to be delicate.”

3. Size

Do not turn the hat forward if not fit: Do not apply trucker hats’ style to a Petty cap.

Please choose the type of hat with appropriate size: If you want to wear the Petty cap forward, make sure that the blade of them looks just moderate next to the body fit your head. The use of the hat is highlighting the costumes, and even protecting you from the sunshine – not to “swallow” your entire face.

Justin Livingston said: “With the location which is the most ‘outstanding’ in a costume, wearing a unfitted cap is like you’re carrying on the head a large pot and how would it be like if the girls just look at the hat and giggle? Not so nice, anyway.”

4. Pattern

Do not select a cap without motifs: A casual hat can also hide your tousled head, and a Petty cap without motifs may not make you look like an artist.

Select the Petty cap with motifs: A gaudy Petty cap can fit into a simple black T-shirt. The other types like suede can accompany buttoned up collar shirt and jeans.

Adam Gallagher – founder and executive of famous fashion blog I AM Galla said: “I chose the hat with bold paisley motifs that can add flair to the outfit. I also wore a Petty cap all the time except the time when I am at home. I was born and raised in Southern California with a father who was a professional skater – these caps have been with me since childhood, and I treat them as my root. “

And even if it is a casual outfit or the dress for going to a party, Petty cap still gives its owner an extremely outstanding look in the crowd if you know how to select and coordinate accurately.