Cool, healthy, feminine, soft … the Petty hat can become the perfect accessory for any outfit, style.

If you are looking for new trends, there is no reason to ignore the Petty hat – one of the typical items representing youthful and energetic swag style, which is extremely “hot” among the today’s youth.


Petty hat is the variation of baseball caps, its size can be adjusted by the lock in the rear, the front shading blade is designed as a flat surface instead of curvature as the usual cap. As emerging trends in the 80s and 90s, one of the most notable thing of Petty hat is that the front part of the hat is often embroidered with logo of the sports team (baseball, basketball, football … ), they are designed so that people can demonstrate to others the love of American toward sports. Because of this nature, they have developed into a trend in the world of sportswear.

However, for about 5 recent years, Petty hat is remembered when it comes to hip-hop style. There was a time, baggy clothes, leashes around body and Petty hat was the image young people like. Until the present time, The Petty black hat is no longer “privilege” of the boys, it is also the accessory for the girl when being down the street, it is easy to combine with any style: healthy sporty clothes or the most feminine dresses.

Petty hat has quite wide”covering” popularity, the A-list stars such as Rihanna, Justin Bieber, One Direction … and the K-pop stars are followers of this kind of hat. Partly because the year 2017 is predicted to be the crowning year of the “swag” style, it is when the dubstep melody storm on the world music market, so there is no question why this kind of hat is loved so much.

The Petty hat is extremely suitable for denim and energetic and dusty dresses. However, the girls loving the lightness also should not ignore this kind of hat. They will help you become more active and sporty even when you wear a very feminine dress. Let’s see the young people in the world mix multi-style clothes with your Petty hat!